Welcome to Melindas Penpals Membership

It is easy to become a free member of Melindas Penpals. It starts with you registering at the forum. If you have any questions, please let me know. Below are the steps to get you started.
1. To register click the following link.
2. After you register, a validation email will be sent to your email account with your username and password. You must click the link in the validation email to activate your membership.  
After you have activated your account, you will want to login with your username and password to upload your photo to your profile or the Forum gallery. You are required to upload at least one picture of yourself within 7 days our your account is suspended.
1. If you are a lady member, you will want to log in and click the following link to add your photo to the gallery.
2. If you are a male member, you will want to log in and click the following link to add your photo to the gallery.
You have now completed the basic requirements to become a member. You will want to keep your profile and photo updated. Recommend you browse around to get familiar with the forum. You are now ready to contact other members (note: you should always be logged in with your username and password to perform any membership function on the forum )

You can contact other members who are registered with the forum. Here are a few ways to contact members.

When a member posts or replies to another member's post on the forum, you can click their username to see their profile. In the member's profile you can click their email address (if not hidden) to send them a message. You can also send a message to their personal mail box (at the bottom of their profile you will see the message that says "Send this person a personal message"
You can click the "MEMBERS" link at the top navigation menu. This will show all members registered with the forum and the contact information they provided. As an added bonus, it will also show you who is currently online.
The gallery will probably be the most popular way to contact another members because a member can see the photo of someone before sending them a message. Notice under the member's larger photo is a link that says "Posted by: username" By clicking the member's username, you go directly to their profile. I can not emphasize enough how important it is that all members add their photo to the forum gallery, even if you have a photo posted in your profile.  
The Old HTML Gallery
Besides the forum gallery we also have a HTML gallery. This gallery is still active and used by a lot of members. To effectively use this gallery, you have to make note of the lady member's ID code under her photo. With this code you can look up her address on the Lady Address Pages. The following links will help you if you decide to use the HTML gallery.

Please note that the HTML gallery will not be used as the main gallery effective May 3, 2007. If you have a photo on the HTML gallery you should be adding it to the forum gallery. There are many reasons why we decided to use the forum gallery as the main gallery. Here are a few:

1. The forum gives faster access to other member's contact information.

2. Less invalid email addresses. When a person registers for the forum, they have to validate their email address. If they provided an invalid email address, they can not become a member. This will eliminate the invalid email addresses that was a problem with the HTML gallery.

3. A member can change their own profile, descriptions, update or add more photos. In other words, you are in control of your own membership (within reason). If you feel something isn't working to meet that special someone, you can change or update what you think is needed to improve your profile.


Your Personal Mail Box

Every registered user of the forum gets their own mail box. If another member sends a message to your mail box, you will see that you have a message by looking at the top navigation menu where it says "MY MESSAGES". If you have a message, you will see a number in parenthesis by the MY MESSAGE link.

If you have any suggestions or need help you can post on the forum or contact me at:
What are you waiting for -- you have to take action to find love -- register, upload your photo, contact other members, be part of the community -- your destiny is in your hands.

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