FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)



1) How much is the membership fee? Our membership is based on credits. You use credits to send messages or spend on minutes chatting. One credit equals one message sent OR one minute of chat spent. Once we approve your account, you will get 40 credits for Free.

1) Do you screen all your members? We review every online profile including their IP address, profile content and image. Fake models (and other nonsense photos) and the geographically challenged are deleted.

2) Do I need a valid email address to register? Yes. 35% of new registrations are deleted for not having a working email address.

3) What if I don't want to upload my image? Then you are not very serious and we may not approve your registration.

4) How many pictures should I upload? The more the better. You get more responses because other members feel more comfortable getting to know you.

5) Do all your members have a profile picture? All members must maintain a profile picture which includes their face. The ones that remove them are deleted.

6) Do you have chat? Of course! We have regular and video chat built-in.

7) What else does your chat offer? It will be for desktop and mobile.

8) Do you have a mobile app? It is in development.

9) Do you have anything for your desktop? It is in development.

10) Can I cancel my account? Yes. Click here to cancel your account.

11) Do you monitor this website? Yes. We check it daily to approve and delete new members. We also check for problems.

12) Do spammers sign up on your site? Yes. But 99% of spammers are stopped here before their website functions are turned on. Sites that do not monitor what is going on multiple times a day are over taken by spammers.

13) How long have you been online? Since 2004.

14) How many married couples have started here? We know of hundreds, but the number is likely closer to a thousand. Most move on after getting engaged and married.

15) Should I give money to people I meet here? No. You should NEVER give money to anyone you meet online, unless you have met in person, and are making plans for the future.

16) What if someone asks me for money? Report them to member ADMIN via the Contact Us button by submitting any quote of their quote, their user #, and/or other contact info, and they will be deleted if you give us a copy of the chat or email exchange.

17) Is it normal for Filipinas to post images in their underwear and bras? No. This is a sign of a player. Most Filipinas are more conservative and dress normal or in sexy clothes, not underwear and bras.

18) Do you resolve personal disputes between members? No. Members have to resolve their own disputes. If someone is threatening or harrassing members we investigate those complaints.

19) How long should I wait to make plans to meet someone in person? There is no set rule but we would suggest waiting several months to get to know someone before making plans.

20) Should I meet my girlfriend or boyfriend alone for the first time? No. You should always meet in a very public place and if possible have a friend with you.

21) What is the number one misconception with Asian dating today? Many younger (and even some older) guys believe that all Asian dating women are airbrushed models. Many men today are spending a lot of money chatting with ghosts.

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