Filipina ladies, Asian penpals and my Philippines penpal experience.

When I first started writing Asian Filipina ladies, I did not know what it meant to have a penpal. I just happened to see some pictures of beautiful Filipina ladies on a website one day and I got this overwhelming desire to contact them. There is something about a Filipina, and Asian ladies in general, that is so appealing. Is it the traditional values of a Filipina, or perhaps their beautiful smiles? Maybe it is the beautiful long black hair and sweet disposition that can only be found in an Asian lady from the Philippines. All I know is that once I saw this website of Asian penpals looking for partners in life I knew my destiny.

Is this really about my desire to be with a Asian Filipina penpal, or is it about my dislike for American women? This is a sore spot for many ladies in this country. First, some of my closest and dearest friends are American women. If you do not believe me I am sorry but it is true. It is also not about likes and dislikes. For me it is about compatibility as a married couple. I just happen to find Asian women more traditional and loyal to their husbands. That is what I wanted in a marriage partner.

I know the old stereo type that I just need someone to push around. Lets face it, finding a lady to push around in the USA is not that difficult. I do not need to travel 10,000 miles to find a Filipina for that. My wife and I have no problems with admitting our strengths and weaknesses. I know there are certain things my wife can do better than me. My wife also realizes that I am better at handling some things. I find that Filipina ladies understand this, which means there is no need for this constant 50/50 power struggle.

Filipina Photo Gallery of Beautiful Asian Ladies Seeking Romance

When I went to the Philippines for the first time I saw these traditional values first hand. Asian women as a general rule are very loyal to their family. If you want to make it work you better be nice to her parents and especially her father. Your pen pal bond will evaporate into thin air if you make her choose between you and her family. If a Filipina is forced to choose, you will lose 95 % of the time. And even if you do win your life together might be a living hell.

Still interested? Ok, then go see the penpals listed :)

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