Philippines Cultural Celebrations From Melinda's Personals

Philippines Cultural Links - If you plan on taking a trip to the Philippines make sure you get a taste for the culture.  There are many cultural events throughout the country any time of the year.  Below we have compiled a list of some of the best known festivals you can see and enjoy on your trip to see your special Filipina lady.  Also Do not forget to visit our gallery link above to see over a thousand beautiful ladies seeking friendship and love on our family owned dating website.  All FREE for the guys and the ladies.


Regional Celebrations
November 23 / Angono, 
Rizal (2 hours 30 minutes 
from Manila by land) 
A fiesta of "gigantic" 
proportions highlighted by 
a grand procession of 
10-feet high papier...
July 23 / Batangas City, 
Batangas (2 hours 30 minutes 
from Manila by land) SUBLIAN 
FESTIVAL An annual  
celebration to pay homage to 
the Holy Cross for a bountiful 
April 13-20 (Holy Week) / 
Marinduque (45 minutes from 
Manila by air) MORIONES 
FESTIVAL A week-long festival 
featuring finely-carved masks 
worn by colorful warriors 
depicting the fierce Roman 
soldiers of Christ's time.
May / Nationwide FLORES DE 
A parade of the town's loveliest 
ladies depicting the search and 
discovery of Christ's Cross by 
Queen Helena and Constantine.
October 25-28 / Camiguin (1 
hour 30 minutes from Manila to 
Cagayan de Oro City by air; 2 
hours 15 minutes from 
Cagayan de Oro City to 
Camiguin City by land/ferry) 
A street dancing extravaganza 
featuring Camiguin's favorite 
fruit - the Lanzones.
Last week of September / Gen. 
Luna, Siargao Island, Surigao 
del Norte (2 hours 10 minutes 
from Manila to Surigao City by 
air; 2 hours from Surigao City 
to Siargao Island by boat) 
SURFING CUP. Pit your 
surfing skills against local and 
international surfers in this 
prestigious tournament.
August 18-24 / Kidapawan City, 
South Cotabato
Kidapawan takes its fruit-growing 
industry to the streets - literally - 
as the city celebrates its annual 
fruit festival. There are cultural 
shows, a parade of local fruit 
products, a bevy of exhibits, and 
selected lectures on fruit 
preparation processes.
December 16-31 / San 
Fernando, Pampanga (1 
hour from Manila by land) 
An annual competition and 
parade of the biggest, most 
spectacular lanterns, 
around 40 feet in diameter 
and bearing thousands of 
light bulbs per piece.

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