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I wish I could tell you that a guy from MP has never gone to the Philippines to find out his lady was a dude. Sorry, it has happened several times that I am aware of. To say their trip was a disappointment would be an understatement. One guy was so mad he took it out on me, as if I had some prior knowledge of what he found out the hard way.

It can range from something easy to almost impossible to know for sure. I am no expert at picking out Asian men playing women and never claimed to be one. The problem is that Filipinos (men and women) are often smaller than the average Westerner. A guy 62 inches tall can look a heck of a lot like a lady if he puts his mind to it. I think not having a lot of first hand exposure to Filipinos on a daily basis makes it that much more difficult to spot lady boys.


The good news is many lady boys will reveal this up front to avoid any misunderstandings or shock later. Unfortunately, not everyone is honest. Some lady boys have no intention of revealing their secret. Whether it is for kicks or money they can trick some Western men into believing they are women. If you are suspicious then don't make the trip until you are 99.9% sure. I would advise you to find a few Filipino friends if you are concerned. Filipinos are better at spotting lady boys than Western men. I would say they can pick them out most of the time. If they are not sure then you have a problem. There may be no way to guarantee she is a she without a real close inspection :( 

It will be your final call on whether to make the trip and hope for the best. If the worst happens and you find out your lady is a man then all you can do is walk away. Don't even think of taking out revenge. Remember, you are in a foreign country and the last think you want to do is end up in jail.



  • Posted 1 years ago
May I speak for my self and to all lady boys out there? I am a lady boy,-yes and I am proud of it. But please to all seekers here and on the other dating sites, not all lady boys are the same. Just like what most of here saying, it is hard to distinguish real women from a lady boy but it is also hard to find a serious guy who can accept lady boys in a serious relationship. Yeah, I admit it that some of lady boys had a bad attitude but not all. To all who seeks serious relationships here and got disappointed by some lady boys, please accept the fact that there are also guys who disappoint us even even we are so serious with them. Let's us all be fair that, in this kind of society there is balance of nature and we to our self is the only one who can drive our own will of life. Thank you.


  • Posted 2 years ago
i just want to say i know who i am an where i came from. I will stick to my


  • Posted 2 years ago
Thats why you guys need to spot on some cues. I think, I can help you out on this one since I have a lot of gay friends too. But to anyone here...need to ask a reliable source would be facebook. You can always tell your other filipino girl friends (not romantically involved with you) to check if you're suspecting someone. Smile


  • Posted 2 years ago
Well then it all ends to one thing let us first be avoid disappointments


  • Posted 3 years ago
11-14% of "women" in Thailand work in the sex industry and I'd say that of all tgirls in Thailand a large percentage work in the sex trade. This is in contrast to RP (Republic of Philippines) where much less than 1% work in the sex trade. So you are in the right place.

Your tgirl friend was a bartgirl and she just found someone more free with baht (money)...

I'm surprised that anyone in RP would do such a thing, it seems rather foolish and I suspect it's rather rare unless it's part of a bigger scam attempt.


  • Posted 3 years ago
Let me be the first to say, "to each their own."

I was supposed to date a transgirl from thailand. She was gorgeous and sweet, or so I thought, but she just liked using people and ditched me a week later from picking her up from the airport.