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July 2014 - We have suspended operations after 10 years online.  We want to thank all the hundreds of couples that shared their experiences and photos with us throughout the year.  It was a pleasure providing a place were Filipina ladies and men could meet at share their experiences with other members. SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS BELOW

In 2014 Asian and Filipina dating has evolved into an entertainment or fantasy industry more than anything else.  It's a three way battle between the Filipina scammers/cam girls, African spammers and the guys looking for free cam sex.  The worldwide economic situation and worsening poverty in the Philippines have resulted in a very bad climate for Filipina dating.

Why Online Filipina Dating Is Dying

1) The Men- Many guys on Filipina dating sites now are unemployed/ underemployed and just burning time.  They have neither the means or desire to travel to the Philippines.  We also see a lot of porn and video game addicts, religious fanatics, with the same unemployment/ underemployment problem. There is also a decline in the willingness of men to exchange in any meaningful dialog.  Whether it be instant messages, or blogs, most guys really have nothing to say anymore.  This might be symptom of and overall intellectual decline in Western men.  It is no secret that America is heading toward a society of more employed and educated women, as the men retreat to whatever it is that keeps them busy all day.

Some of what keeps them busy is going online and treating Asian women with disrespect.  I think for many men porn along with online fantasy games have lead to a deterioration in their basic social skills, including how to treat ladies with a little respect. There are now more obnoxious and crude men visiting Filipina dating sites. A lot of their communication now would be compared to online grunting, or perhaps barking. It must be what it was like in the Neanderthal days before languages were formed.

The Women - In a close second we have the decline in Filipina women on Filipina dating sites.  We are seeing a lot more single Filipinas with children that are increasingly desperate to find an income source.  The strength of Filipino families is weakening, and that weakening comes out in many ways.  They are just becoming more Westernized minus the social safety net.  More Filipinas are using dating sites to try and find a sugar daddy. Behind closed doors any large Filipina dating site would admit that 50% of their female members are just cam girls or scammers they cannot extract permanently.  It is like playing a game of Wack-A-Mole but the moles keep coming back using new IP addresses and different rented computers.  The scamming coming out of the Philippines now rivals Nigeria.  These countries are in the same scamming class, and in many ways the Philippines is worse.  Filipinos have better English skills thus making communicating and scamming more profitable.  The other major problem with Filipina ladies is nearly half of them are unable or unwilling to maintain a working email account.  Their entire online lives revolve around Facebook, thus their Yahoo email accounts are suspended or closed. This is an incredible waste of resources for any small dating site that advertises to bring in new members. 99% of members with invalid email accounts never return.

Decline In Niche Dating Sites - You will see fewer and fewer small niche dating sites online in the future.  It has become harder and harder for them to compete because search engines are squeezing them out.  If you want any real exposure on search engines now (including Google) you must pay to play. In a bid to increase ad profits search engines are now pushing the results of their pay advertisers to the top.  The big boys can pay for exposure on Google but the little mom and pop sites cannot.  Search engines use to rank sites based on their relevance and good content but not anymore.  Also, Google now penalizes smaller sites (ranks them lower) that display ads to offset expenses.  Why?  This is complicated but let me explain.  A click on a search engine ad means 100% profit for Google while a click on a site based ad (like the ads on MP) means a 32% profit.  To increase profits Google is lowering the search rankings of sites like MP that display ads, thus increasing their search engine ad clicks and profits.  I understand Google is a company and profits are the name of the game.  I do not fault Google or other search engines for ending search neutrality if they choose.  it is just disingenuous to deceive other about what you are really doing.   This change leaves very few options for smaller sites looking for revenue to remain open.  The end result will be a few mega sites and a bunch of smaller "dead zones".  Dead zones are sites that remain online but are essential dead.  The cost of memberships on the mega sites will increase.  This will be no different than what you see with things like the airline industry, cell phone service, or cable TV.  Less diversity and more expensive service.    

African Based Scammers And Bots - Whenever I think this problem cannot get any worse it always does. While Nigeria is the main culprit there are a half dozen African countries that have a huge number of scammers.  These scammers do not necessarily target Filipina or Asian dating sites, but it is one of their many playgrounds.  Again, we have a lot of people with nothing to do so they spend their lives trying to steal money from other people online.  I cannot imagine spending years of my life engaged in such a destructive activity, but for others this is all they know.  These people are relentless and impossible to combat without a team of monitors. I wish there was an easy way to block countries from entering your website but there really is no productive way to do it, and in many cases the problems you create from trying just hurts your site even more. I'm sure with enough global pressure a lot of the IP networks that allow these people to operate could be shut down, but there is no real Internet police force to deal with the problem.  Now with mobile devices stopping them is almost impossible.  These people have come close to ruining online social networking for all sites, except those with incredible resources to combat them.

We leave the Filipina dating world with our heads held high.  I'm proud of what Melinda and I accomplished with our vision and purpose for 10 years.  I'm proud if the contributions we had from so many great members. We held standards for membership which scared off a lot of the dead beats and scammers.  However, today there are just too few "real people" seeking "real relationships" for us to justify our time here maintaining MP. Online dating is now like "Reality TV".  The problem is there is very little reality left with Asian dating.  The Russians and various other countries have seen the shift and are happy to provide men the fantasy they crave at a high price, while guys without money continue to troll the Internet for free cam shows. It's kind of sad, but I thank God every day I was able to find Melinda in a time before all this nonsense ruined Filipina and Asian dating.

People that know me know how much time I spent battling the degenerates that signed up on MP.  I had some battles which even involved contacting the authorities to have
convicts put back in jail that were on parole and/or probation. I had many angry people that went out of their way to damage this site through various tactics.  Sad to say most of these degenerate men were located right here in the USA. While I was happy to do this for many years, it became obvious after a while I was wasting my time.           

My parting advice is if you are single and "real" find another way to meet someone. The time and energy "real people" spend wading through the cesspool of Asian dating is just not worth it.  Even if you choose the biggest sites you will waste a lot of time, money and energy dealing with scammers and guys looking for free thrills.  Just remember the scammers know where to go too, so they gravitate to the mega sites for their next meal ticket. If you don't believe me try and see for yourself.


Steve and Melinda

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