Filipino Lady Boys

Filipino Lady Boys

I wish I could tell you that a guy from MP has never gone to the Philippines to find out his lady was a dude. Sorry, it has happened several times that I am aware of. To say their trip was a disappointment would be an understatement. One guy was so mad he took it out on me, as if I had some prior knowledge of what he found out the hard way.

It can range from something easy to almost impossible to know for sure. I am no expert at picking out Asian men playing women and never claimed to be one. The problem is that Filipinos (men and women) are often smaller than the average Westerner. A guy 62 inches tall can look a heck of a lot like a lady if he puts his mind to it. I think not having a lot of first hand exposure to Filipinos on a daily basis makes it that much more difficult to spot lady boys.

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