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You have reached the old main gallery page for The new galleries for ladies and guys can be found at the links below. There are thousands of men and Filipina lady members on our website. We are now a busy social networking community with many features, and it is all free. Please click New Filipina Gallery to visit the main hub of our website. Make sure to complete all of your profile and upload a picture to be approved.

We Have Upgraded To A Better Filipina Dating Experience In 2010. Click The Picture Below - A Step Above Most Filipina and Asian Dating Sites

Please take some time to visit any of the Filipina penpal photo gallery pages above. If you are a Filipina we have a men's gallery too. Our galleries contain more than 5700 images of our members. Melinda's Penpals does not disqualify ladies that cannot afford a studio picture. We accept any western guy or Filipina penpal regardless of the quality of their photo. We immediately delete all members that upload fake model pictures. Unlike many pay sites, we do not rely on membership fees so we do not allow "model pictures" to attract paying customers. We do not send "fake emails" and "winks" to get men to pay membership fees.

There are many Asian women here that would love to spend a lifetime with a decent man. Why not consider starting a relationship with a beautiful Asian lady from the Philippines? Our FILIPINA PENPAL website may be your answer to a fresh start or a new beginning. If you have paid for memberships at other sites in the past, stop the madness and start connecting with single Filipina ladies for free. We approved hundreds of new members every month, while rejecting twice as many as we approve. We actually review every new membership profile before it is approved. If we smell something fishy the registration is deleted. We could have 10,000 members right now instead of 4000, but what good is a website full of scammers and spammers? All we ask in return is that you treat all members here with respect.

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