Choosing an Online Dating Website

Statistics and General Information

We understand that some people have concerns about joining any online Asian dating website.  Many questions come like, is this site for real? Are the girls for real?  While my wife and I work very hard on this FREE DATING website, you only see what is on your screen.  You concern is whether or not our website is worth the visit.  I have some stats and information below that may be helpful to you.  Whether you join our website or not, these are things that may be helpful to you during your search for an Asian soulmate.


1) The most important thing to most guys is having ladies to contact.  We add about 50 ladies every month.  Come back during the month and you will see the additions being added frequently.  If you look through our galleries you will see beautiful ladies, average ladies, and even ladies you do not find physically desirable.  That is for you to decide.  The important thing is we keep adding sincere Filipina ladies on a regular basis.

2) Another important factor is do we respond to you?  Melinda and myself are the only two people running this website.  If you email us then one of us will respond within 24 hours. We may not have all of the answers but we try.  We enjoy hearing from people and seeing couples come together.  We still get email from couples that are now married.

Our Google search engine rank on various key words

1) Filipina penpals #2 and #3   2) Filipina penpal #2 and #3  3) Filipina bride #3   4)Filipino penpals #1 5) Filipino penpal #1  6) Philippines penpals #2   7) Filipina lady #4   8) Filipina brides #4  9) Filipina galleries #4   10) pinay penpals #1 11) Filipina websites #2  12) Filipina dating #3  13) Asian penpals #1

This is just a small sample of search terms among thousands of websites.  These results may vary some over time but this is our current rank.  How did we get there?  By good behind the scenes work and through many other websites linking to us.  Just type in "Melinda's Pen Pals" in a google search if you want to get an idea how many sites we have partnerships with.  

3) Do we offer as much as a pay site? You have to look around.  I have looked around and Melinda and I both believe we offer as much as a pay site, except for a search function which we are working on.  But it never hurts to do a little research things yourself.  We will still be here when you come back :)Our philosophy it give every member the opportunity to actually marry a Filipina.  We do not need to charege you any fees in the process.


Fake free memberships that give you the ability to do nothing.  Websites that make you pay before you see ALL of the ladies.  Websites where every single lady looks beautiful.  Websites that constantly bash American women.  Websites that never seem to update. Websites that take days or weeks to respond to your email questions.  Websites that claim for certain that every single lady is available and waiting by the mail box for your letter.  Websites that sell you Philippines stamps for 5 times there face value so they can rip you off and claim  that is better than sending a lady a few dollars for postage.

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