Filipina Ladies and Sex

When it comes to Filipina ladies and sex I can only speak from my experience with one lady. We were married when she was 26 and still a virgin. I quickly learned that sex with my Filipina wife was going to be very enjoyable. In the western world I was programmed to believe having sex was dependent on how many points I earned that day. When sex becomes linked to a points earned system it gets boring. My previous American girlfriend knew sex was more important to me, so she enjoyed keeping it from me for trivial reasons. With my wife sex is now spontaneous, passionate, unconventional, exciting, and sometimes an all day affair. I thought maybe I had just gotten lucky, but after talking to other guys married to Filipina ladies it seems to be a common experience.

One time this guy and I were talking about sex and he told me something I found very interesting. He said that as his former European wife became more and more demanding she started complain about VERY trivial things. Then she started eating herself into oblivion and gained like 80lbs in one year. As she ate more and more sex became less important to both of them. He said the bitching got so bad he never wanted to have sex with her because it was like she became his mother. Who wants to have sex with their

Now he and his Filipina lady have arguments, but the arguments are usually resolved quickly and they make up. No one is keeping score, and when no one keeps score it is easier to forgive and forget. This results in a more satisfying sex life.

I have to mention that Filipina ladies can be extremely jealous. My wife even admits to me that Filipina ladies are very jealous by nature and often fear there husbands will cheat on them. I have been around enough Filipina ladies to know there is some truth to this. If your Filipina wife thinks you are having sex, or even thinking of having sex with someone else, you better watch out. Assuming you are not cheating, you need to find a way to put this to rest or your life will be a living hell until you do. Just trust me on this one. Even if you think her fear is irrational, that makes absolutely no difference. If it is in her mind you need to deal with it in a nice way.

I am not going to get into all of the graphic stuff when it comes to sex, but I will tell you this. For me there is something about a petite Filipina lady with that long silky black hair, a golden brown complexion, and a cute accent, that puts me in the mood for sex. My wife is always open to any reasonable request in the bedroom. I am speaking of things that many women in my past thought was too much trouble or I was not worthy of. Man i am glad i never have to go back to that crap again. I am almost 40 years old but as long as I am married to a Filipina sex will never get boring for me :)

I often found the best way to get to the bedroom for some enjoyable sex was to either prepare or bring home a nice dinner for my wife. Filipina ladies, and Filipino people in general, put a lot of importance in food in general. There are many cultural reasons for this that I will not bore you with, but food is very important. So guys food and sex are linked when it comes to Filipina ladies.

Ralph T. 11/12/05

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