Filipina Chat Room Scams

The absolute worse place to meet a Filipina lady is in a Yahoo chat room. Your odds of stumbling across a scam artist are extremely high. Your desire for an instant relationship makes you likely target for professional hustlers that use the Internet café for a source of income.

Many of these ladies have children, husbands, boyfriends and many times their significant others have full knowledge of what they are doing. They spend your hard earned cash that was meant for an operation, processing immigration papers, to pay for medications, travel expenses, or whatever story was made up for you.

Yes, there are honest Asian ladies that use the chat room. There are also innocent men and women in jail. So good luck sorting through the garbage to find the sweet, loving, honest and beautiful lady you desire. It will be a dangerous journey.

Here is a rule to remember. Since i am a Filipina and know the Filipino culture please listen to what I am saying. It is not normal for a sincere Filipina lady to ask you for money after chatting for a few days or weeks in a café. That is a hustler and you are being hustled. If this has happened to you then I am sorry but just move on. Do not let her actions spoil your desire to be with an Asian lady.

The best way to find a Asian lifetime partner is through email, postal letters and dating. If you do not have the patience to form a real relationship, then you are better off being alone or sleeping with hookers. At least with a hooker you know the price up front and you can protect yourself by practicing safe sex. A chatroom girl will take your money, your pride, self respect, and cause you a lot of emotional pain without a second thought. They are trying to survive in a dog eat dog world and they are using the only skills they have to put food on the table.

Many Fil-West couples use the café and chat room to communicate. However, this is after they have already formed a bond which started somewhere else. This is completely different and if you think about it there is a very clear distinction.

Your best source for sincere Filipina ladies are ones that you find out about through friends and relatives. If this is not possible then try a small dating site. The big dating sites are too automated and they are also the target of hustlers. These mega sites do not care about the quality of a lady, they are only concerned with the number of members they can brag about. (Melinda B. 11/20/05)

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