Filipina Immigration to the United Kingdom

While I am not from the UK, I have researched the below information about bringing a Filipina lady to the United Kingdom. Since many members from the UK have questions concerning visa issues, I hope the below information is helpful. My take on it is that immigrating to the UK is easier than going to the U.S., but I am not completely sure about my assumption. I am sure that outside of the U.S., the second most likely place for a Filipina fiancées to migrate is the United Kingdom. Please understand that I am not a UK visa expert, so this information is just information and I make no claims on the accuracy of what I have found. However, I gathered this information the British embassy in Manila, and I would think they are giving out accurate information on their website. While the reading is boring (like all government visa information) it seems very thorough.

1) How do you qualify to join your spouse (civil partner) in the UK?

ANSWER: You are legally married or in a civil partnership recognized in the UK. You must intend to live together, met in person, be able to support yourself without public funds, and be at least 18 years old.

Your spouse/partner will be allowed to stay and work in the UK for 2 years, and near the end of that time you can apply to stay permanently if you are still together and married. The Immigration and Nationality Directorate (IND) will deal with the Filipina's application to stay permanently in the UK.

2) How does your fiancée qualify to join you in the UK?

ANSWER: She must plan to marry or form your civil partnership within 6 months of arriving in the UK, you will live together, you have met in person, you have somewhere to live and you will not need public funds.

During the first 6 months your Filipina lady will not be allowed to work, but at the end of that 6 months she can get a 2 year extension on her visa and be allowed to work.

3) If you Filipina lady has children can they comes to live with her in the UK? ANSWER: It appears the answer to this is yes, but please click INF 6 for more detailed information from the British embassy.

4) Does she need a visa? ANSWER: Yes, if she is from the Philippines. The only exception could be if she has some British family history (like her father, grandfather for example is British).

5) Will your Filipina lady be cleared at immigration when she arrives in the UK. ANSWER: Yes, of course they will check to make sure everything looks authentic and that nothing significant has changed in your situation.

6) How does she apply for a visa?

ANSWER: She will need to fill in a visa application form (VAF 2 - settlement) in the Philippines. Also, she may or may not need to attend an interview. That appears to be a major difference from the U.S. rules, where the in person interview is always required. The British government will require her to get tested for active tuberculosis because TB is a major problem in the Philippines

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